Waahh here we go!


So the thought of doing a blog terrifies me! “Who’s going to want to read that?” says that negative little voice in my ear, “nobody gives a crap”, “shut up”. But then a couple of people have been trying to get me to do this recently and I thought, screw it, why not! I can pretend I’m as cool as Carrie Bradshaw as I type out all my thoughts….right?!

What’s it all about? I’ve been doing a lot recently on how to become a happier, more fulfilled, fuller, truer version of myself and, for want of a better word, the ‘journey’ it’s taking me on has been fascinating and empowering….I’m still on the journey – I don’t think it’s something you can complete or think ‘yes I’ve ticked that box, It’s all done now’  – it’s more a series of conscious lifestyle choices. But it seems selfish to keep it all to myself – so if sharing what I’m learning along the way is useful to anyone or could make anyone’s life a bit more happy or fun, then what a gorgeous thought that is!

It encompasses so many areas of life, health, fitness, routine, habit, gratitude, body image, strength, etc and has come from reading lots of books, watching talks and films and doing courses. So I feel like there’s lots to share….better get going soon…..

Just incase you’re pondering the title….an old school chum nicknamed me Squid and it kind of stuck (one particular friend now affectionately calls me Squidbum!!!).

Anyway – here we go – if this sounds like the kind of thing you want to read then jump aboard and keep reading! Be back soon xxxx

p.s. can we all take a moment to just appreciate there is now a squid emoji…..


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