In your hands….

Happy Friday lovely people!
So…the biggest and bestest thing I’ve found out on my little mission is that happiness is a choice. Yes you heard me right. It’s up to us! That should fill you with joy and excitement – it means however you’re feeling right now, whatever’s going on in your life, you have the means to be happy!
We can’t always control the events and circumstances in our life but the way we react and respond puts the power safely in our hands *pause your reading for a second and do a nice big Take-Me-Out-Paddy-McGuinness-style power grab…..go on, nobody’s watching* – now doesn’t that feel good!
Let me just give you a wee example….
I was opening a tin of chopped tomatoes yesterday with a terrible tin opener….it sprayed me with red juice not once but twice….on my freshly-washed, pastel pyjamas. Now I had a choice……do I get frustrated at myself, curse the tin opener and focus on the time I was going to have to spend cleaning it up, probably spiral into a grump for the evening and feel like rubbish OR do I laugh at the numpty I am to have managed to do exactly the same thing twice in a row….I went for the latter, laughed at myself, sponged my top clean and finished making dinner – didn’t think any more of it!
But that’s just tomato spray right….what about when bigger things happen I hear you say? Well in situations like that, it’s more important than ever to have control of your responses and reactions so you can get through.
Gratitude is a hugely helpful tool in tricky times. As the wisest man of them all, Albus Dumbledore, said “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”. As soon as we start to focus on what we do have, as opposed to what we don’t, we realise how wonderful our lives really are. How incredibly fortunate we are. How much we have to smile about.
I challenge you….next time you feel down or sad or a bit bleurgh (yes that definitely is a real word)….just sit, close your eyes and say “thank you for… [Fill in the blank]” – maybe start by listing 10 different things – and as you go, really feel your appreciation for each thing – think how different your life would be without it, how much you’d miss it, how much better your life is with it.
I’d just like to add that I am still working on consciously replacing negative thoughts with gratitude – I absolutely most definitely fall off the wagon sometimes and have down days, crying spouts, hormones, sobbing into my cereal etc! Re-programming a brain takes time and work, but it’s amazing how much better I feel already.
Try the challenge – I’d love to know if it makes you feel better….drop me a comment and let me know 😀
Lots of love xxxx

Waahh here we go!


So the thought of doing a blog terrifies me! “Who’s going to want to read that?” says that negative little voice in my ear, “nobody gives a crap”, “shut up”. But then a couple of people have been trying to get me to do this recently and I thought, screw it, why not! I can pretend I’m as cool as Carrie Bradshaw as I type out all my thoughts….right?!

What’s it all about? I’ve been doing a lot recently on how to become a happier, more fulfilled, fuller, truer version of myself and, for want of a better word, the ‘journey’ it’s taking me on has been fascinating and empowering….I’m still on the journey – I don’t think it’s something you can complete or think ‘yes I’ve ticked that box, It’s all done now’  – it’s more a series of conscious lifestyle choices. But it seems selfish to keep it all to myself – so if sharing what I’m learning along the way is useful to anyone or could make anyone’s life a bit more happy or fun, then what a gorgeous thought that is!

It encompasses so many areas of life, health, fitness, routine, habit, gratitude, body image, strength, etc and has come from reading lots of books, watching talks and films and doing courses. So I feel like there’s lots to share….better get going soon…..

Just incase you’re pondering the title….an old school chum nicknamed me Squid and it kind of stuck (one particular friend now affectionately calls me Squidbum!!!).

Anyway – here we go – if this sounds like the kind of thing you want to read then jump aboard and keep reading! Be back soon xxxx

p.s. can we all take a moment to just appreciate there is now a squid emoji…..

Your Body is AMAZING!

That body of yours is amazing and beautiful! It’s natural, it is a miracle and hey if you’re able to breathe and read and understand this and consider it – your body is giving you life!

WOW isn’t it incredible! And yet we all spend so much of our lives hating and punishing this beautiful gift that we have been given. There is so much to be grateful for – my limbs that allow me to dance, my ears that hear the music, my fingers to play the piano, my voice to let me sing, my feet to run, my arms to hug, my nose to smell that freshly baked bread, the legs that allow me to climb mountains and snowboard and go on adventures. And all that came from being tinier than a speck of dust! Basically, it’s just amazing!

One of the most inspiring things towards my goal of loving my body is the film Embrace by the incredible Taryn Brumfitt (yes I know I’ve been banging on and on about it but it really will change your life) if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it’s here…. (

My favourite quote “Darling girl, don’t waste a single second of your life being at war with your body” reminds me how much of my childhood/my entire teenage life hating my body, feeling ashamed & disgusted, starving myself, and I mean…..I look back at it now and I’m like WHAT WAS I DOING I LOOKED FINE! and I’m sure in another 10 years I will look back at my current 24-year old self and go LYD YOU LOOKED LOVELY, GO BACK IN TIME AND STOP BEING AN IDIOT! I used to spend so much time looking at myself in the mirror, examining every flaw, searching for imperfection. But one day last year I was reading about habit and how you can train your brain into habits – and I thought what if I train my brain to look for good rather than bad in the mirror. So I started, I had a rule that every time I looked in the mirror I had to think of one positive thing I liked about the way I looked. It was hard at first…I’m not gonna lie. But eventually it got easier and now (whilst I haven’t stamped out the negativity entirely) I naturally look for something to be happy with as well.

Another thing which has helped my progress hugely is re-thinking my relationship with exercise. My whole life I have been an active person and I have always exercised pretty much every day but (other than dancing) so many of the gym-seshes and runs were a chore, focussed on improving my image – I’d drag myself out there to punish [what society had led me to believe was] a hideous body in a desperate daily attempt to change this figure I hated. But I decided this year to make a change – to do the excercise I felt like, with an aim to feeling good, strong, flexible, happy and healthy. If anything since making this adjustment I actually think I do more exercise, I feel positive about it, I enjoy it more, I’m much stronger and by following my instincts on what I wanna do that day it just works so much better. I still exercise every day but it has become something to look forward to rather than something to drag myself to after hours of dread. (Plus I’ve realised/accepted I have broad shoulders, wide hip bones and muscular legs….I’m never going to be a size 6 so what the hell’s the point of trying haha😂😂)

Exercising because you love your body not because you hate it……being aware of what you eat because you love your body not because you hate it……it keeps you healthy but makes it far more fun, more spontaneous and a lot more pleasant – I know when I want to treat myself to a pizza and actually when I really just want vegetables for tea! I can tell when actually I’ve done loads and I want some carbs to re-energise or when I havent done much and a light lunch is all I want. Listening to your body, what it needs, how it feels and nourishing/nurturing/fueling it… kind of gives you your life back, leaving behind the constant shame, anxiety and guilt.

I have wasted so much time obsessing over the way I look when the truth is, most people don’t really care (when your friend says they’re feeling like they’re having a fat week, can you ever see the difference? No. Exactly…because you’re far more interested in their sense of humour, how their week has been, their office gossip and that glass of prosecco you’re about to have! You haven’t even put a thought to their body shape!) They love you for you, you would NEVER DREAM of saying the things you say to yourself about them….why not treat yourself to the love and care you give your friends?! 🤔💜

Another favourite quote of mine from Embrace is ‘Your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams’. If you have been blessed with a body that allows you to do the things you love at whatever level, thank your lucky stars and love it for the joy it brings you – for me that’s being able to sing and dance and fling myself all around a rehearsal room….for you that might be climbing Snowdon….or playing tennis or shopping or cooking or walking the dog or swimming or simply giving your friend a hug….the list goes on.

Whatever you love doing, go do it and remember how lucky we are to have this miracle that is the human body! Lots of squiddy love xxxxx

p.s. if you just fancy a bit more body positivity and inspiration….hear it from the lovely lady herself here (